5 Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Large Pores On Face

Pores On Face

Depending on the skin type, some people have less or more prominent pores on the face. If you wonder what causes large pores on face, they might result from genetics, decreased skin elasticity as we age, intense sebum production, sun damage, and big hair follicles. Getting rid of enlarged pores is impossible in most cases, but some methods still exist to make them less noticeable. Check out our Morpheus8 large pores treatment to heal acne scarring, poor skin texture, and sun damage on the skin. Keep reading to find out what to use for large pores on face.

1. Focus on skin moisturizing

If you aim to minimize your pore size, don`t forget to moisturize the facial skin daily, even if you have oily skin. Remember that a moisturizer should be oil-free, not to make things worse. A suitable skin moisturizing product allows the sebum to penetrate deeply into the dermis instead of remaining in the pores on the face. Therefore, a moisturizer is not only good for softening and hydrating your skin but also for reducing the pore size once they are not clogged with oil.

2. Don`t forget to apply sunscreen

Excess sun exposure can make your skin drier, thereby making facial pores more prominent. You will want to opt for sunscreen or a skin moisturizer that contains SPF. Many individuals select skincare products with SPF 30 or higher for advanced protection against UV rays. Wearing sunscreen every time you go outside can keep you away from enlarged pores, minimizing sun damage to your skin.

3. Don`t sleep with makeup

Numerous beauties know the golden rule of a skincare ritual – permanently remove makeup before going to bed. Once you fall asleep with makeup, your pores can become clogged in the morning due to the accumulation of cosmetics, sebum, and bacteria. You might remove makeup with micellar water and cleansing oil or take cleansing wipes for fast and effortless makeup cleansing.

4. Consider laser treatment

If you prefer more sophisticated approaches for minimizing pore appearance, laser treatment for large pores on face is the way to go. This in-office procedure fights skin aging signs, such as fine lines and facial wrinkles, and helps reduce pores on the face thanks to stimulating collagen growth. Even though most people need some time to recover after the treatment, it is worth it to get the promising results and the skin of your dreams!

5. Get chemical peels

Another efficient practice to eliminate enlarged pores is professional chemical peels. This treatment for large pores on face ensures improving an uneven skin texture by incorporating active ingredients, such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and retinoids. The considerable advantage of in-office chemical peels is their affordability and efficiency. After all, consulting a cosmetologist or dermatologist regarding a customizable peel will never hurt to receive desired skin-enhancing results soon.