How To Make A Resume For First Job?

resume for first job

Looking for a job? Nowadays, everybody definitely knows that the Internet gave us an opportunity to look for a job sitting in your house, you can use a website to find a job click here it eases the process a bit, but anyway there is still a thing we have to do, and it’s a resume. Let’s take a short look at how to make a resume for the first job with no experience.

First, let’s find out what is hiding behind the word “resume”. Everybody knows that this is a short description of yourself, but not everybody notices that it’s about our work-life and everything that is needed for it. We could even call it an instruction of our skills for the employers. And that is the point that gives us an idea that instructions are written strictly correct and clear, our job resume should meet these features as well.


1. Mention your name and surname first

Some personal data are needed as well: date of birth, gender, phone number, email, sometimes Skype, country or state you’re living in, school, college and university you were studying at and don’t forget about the type of degree you’ve got there and point out years when you were studying e.g. Bristol school (1994-2003), additional courses and certificates are welcomed as well, mention these if you have some, your professional skills, some short information about you as a person

2. What if I don’t have any working experience?

 If you’ve just graduated you could point out some of your achievements if these could be useful for your job e.g. “took an active part at chemistry researching works and competitions”. This is needed because you didn’t have any working experience yet, but you’ve already dealt with some difficulties at studying.

3. Describe your personal features during the working process 

Do not use single words “hardworking” try to show it in a “wider way”  e.g. “an important feature of mine is the ability to use the maximum of my time and power while doing any assignment”

4. Try to use numbers more

While making some marks about yourself, try to be clear with using certain numbers. It’ll help the employer to measure the effectiveness of your work.

E.g.” usually it takes up to 5 days to translate 100 pages of the original text”

“I’ve helped the company to save up to 10% more of their income by stopping the use of glass bottles as packaging” etc.

5. Do NOT be too personal

Bear in mind that your employer needs to know about you as a worker, not as a friend. Don’t write stories about your personal life, pets, hobbies (if they’re not part of your job)

6. Do NOT be negative

Don’t be too critical while describing yourself, better not to tell about your failures like this,” Once I did a terrible mistake at quoting the lead, and it cost me $50″, you’re better to show them off as the lesson that you learned “I got a great experience after my first unsuccessful attempt go quote a lead because my mistake was quite clear for me, I continued working successfully and gained $50 more”.