How To Make Use Of Waste Wood?

Waste Wood

These days, more and more construction projects are accompanied by demolition and construction waste. It results in tons of unneeded lumber, sawdust, and tree stumps that turn into garbage. Therefore, recycling wood waste makes sense for multiple constructors. You might be surprised that you can implement unnecessary wood into many secondary projects, thereby saving landfill spaces! Check out Komplet America’s wood shredder to process wood waste and domestic waste, and recycle construction materials, such as concrete, at home. Let’s discover the issue of wooden waste recycling in the article.

How to recycle wood waste?

In fact, reusing and recycling wood waste limits the need to cut down trees. Lumber recycling tends to save costs in the wood industry, not to mention that it is beneficial for the environment. Once recycled, wood can be used as mulch in landscaping or pulp in paper manufacturing. 

Reusing unneeded wood also relates to building materials and firewood. So, how much waste is there in wood processing? It greatly depends on the particular wood industry; however, the common tendency shows that up to 50% of the annual supply of wood raw materials turns into waste and residues globally. The concern of wood recycling was never as actual as it is now.

Scrap lumber is collected and transported to specific plants for recycling, where technicians sort and separate wood waste. The next step is wood shredding – machines at a plant work to process wood into various sizes. The size of recycled wood depends on its further application. 

Then, workers monitor and divide processed timber. Fine wood chips are transferred to use as garden mulch or animal bedding, while larger lumber pieces suit furniture production. Even though people can bring their wood waste to a plant, opting for a portable wood shredder is a reasonable consideration to recycle lumber at home and save transportation expenses.

How to make use of waste wood?

Waste lumber can be reused in numerous applications. For instance, waste wood can be implemented as a raw material in plywood production that is widespread in housing, furniture, and ship interiors. Unneeded lumber can also be used to produce new products, such as decking for gardens and wooden floors. Using a wood waste shredder, technicians chop wood to create composite wood materials, including laminate. In this case, waste wood is combined with adhesives.

If you wonder what you can use wood chips from the shredder for, you are in the right place. Wood chips are ideal to use as mulch in landscaping and your garden. This recycled material can regulate soil temperatures in summer and winter and promote moisture keeping. Once you love BBQ, you will appreciate the idea of utilizing wood chips for grilling and smoking outside and fuel for small fires. Other excellent uses of wooden chips include pathways and raised beds building, animal bedding, composting, etc.