How To Store Camping Gear?


Are you a real camping lover and want to become as organized in storing all camping gear as possible? Or just don’t have enough space at the home for the camping stuff but anyway want to organize it properly? Follow the next simple tips and do your best for camping storage at home. However, we can’t start if you don’t have suitable camping gear yet, so buy camping gear online now and let’s discover the greatest ideas for storing camping gear.

The very first thing to consider is choosing the right place for storing. The best variant will be your garage, pantry, or basement. However, you can easily organize any space at home for storing camping gear by using the right stuff. It can even be a balcony or an empty wardrobe.

  1.     Empty bins

If you are wondering how to store camping gear, go for the clear empty bins. They work well for camping gear storage since they are spacious and easy to organize. The key to success is marking every bin with an appropriate label, like «camping kitchen» and so on. Keep in mind that you will need to return all the stuff to the bins to stay organized and established.

  1.     Shelves

Another nice way for keeping your camping stuff is using shelves. Together with the bins shelves will become a proper solution to economize space and organize everything. Additionally, your stuff won’t be kept on the floor or scattered on the surface – shelves provide a great storage place higher from the floor level.

  1.     Drawers

Drawers are perfect for keeping camping gear at home and economizing the space. By putting one drawer on another, you will reach a good storage solution. Moreover, you will be able to easily find everything you are looking for since a garage set of drawers often has a transparent surface.

  1.     Boxes\ plastic containers

Similar to drawers, cardboard boxes and plastic containers with a lid probably are the most common way of storing your camping gear. To economize in-home space, you will need to put each box or container on another. A huge plus is a lid, so your stuff won’t get dirty with the dust.

How to store my camping gear in the garage?

Keep in mind that you may use any methods that will suit your needs. Don’t have a bin? It is not a problem since you can easily refer to another way of storing camping gear. When it comes to organizing camping stuff stored in a garage space, the best solution will be any empty large box-shaped items. If the boxes aren’t transparent, you will need to label each with the appropriate label, while clear boxes will ease your searches for certain camping gear. Proceed from what you have on hand and be sure you will reach the best solution for felicitous storage!