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In Viking mythology, ravens were known as Huginn and Muninn. They were the familiars of Odin, the god of war, and were said to fly around the world gathering information for their master. In many ways, they symbolized Odin’s power and wisdom. Their ability to fly gave them a bird’s-eye view of the world and their keen eyesight allowed them to see things that others couldn’t. As such, they came to symbolize knowledge and understanding. Ravens were also associated with death and destruction. Their black feathers were considered to represent the darkness of the underworld, and their harsh cries were thought to foretell doom. In some stories, ravens were even said to feast on the flesh of the dead. Therefore, they symbolized the fear of death and its inevitability. To the Vikings, ravens were powerful symbols of both knowledge and death. 
At Viking Style, we specialize in handcrafted Norse jewelry. Our selection of raven necklaces is perfect for those who want to show their appreciation for Viking culture. The raven was a significant symbol to the Norse people and was often seen as a sign of good luck. Ravens were also thought to be able to guide the soul to the afterlife. We offer unique raven necklaces, all made with the highest quality materials. Whether you’re looking for a simple pendant or a sophisticated design, we’re sure to have something you’ll love. Don`t hesitate to order your Viking raven necklace today!