What Are The Benefits Of Online Printing?


First, let’s understand the concepts themselves because, perhaps, you have not encountered this topic before and even have no idea what digital printing is.

By definition, this is the name of the technology for directly applying paint to a surface using a variable printing plate. This method is called that way for the simple reason that a picture is transferred from an electronic carrier directly onto the paper. 

Ideal for flamboyant flyers, business cards, and limited edition brochures, so if this is your case then contact the company that provides online printing services.

They usually also do poster printing online.

At the moment, this method is so favored by marketers that one cannot even take a step without stumbling upon products made in this format. The outdoor advertisements you see around you every day, all the banners, signs, calendars on your desk, campaign flyers, and even the posters that you pasted over your entire bedroom as a teenager are all online printing.

It is especially important to mention that this printing method is one of the fastest among other methods. For example, the same offset printing has a lot of disadvantages in comparison with online printing.

How does it work?

When you transfer an image to a computer, it turns into a binary readable code, which you can subsequently change, changing in one way or another.

For example, if you want to print colorful invitations, adjusting first and last names from sheet to sheet, then this is not a problem.

With built-in dye and developer toners to form colors on the photoreceptor, on tape, then on paper, the colors are baked, online printing works so well. There is also an alternative well known to you – inkjet printing, which uses ink. 

To you, it was easy to understand what to expect, we have identified several major stages of digital printing:

  1. The layout is the stage at which you collaborate with a designer and arrive at the desired sample option.
  2. Printing is the next stage, in which the text and visual message are transferred to the selected material (fabric, film, paper, etc.).
  3. Further development – the final stage in which the printing products are cut, laminated, etc.

 Benefits of online printing services

Now is the time to discuss why you should choose digital printing and in what cases your choice will be right.

The main advantages:

  • As cheap as chips 

 Eliminating the need for prepress and form creation reduces the cost of printing services and helps to avoid the risk of quality deterioration.

  • It’s not rocket science

There is no need to steam up because of the unsuitable material since any material will suit you besides very thick cardboard and thin newsprint.

  • Quality rather than quantity

Ideal for small limited editions and unlike offset printing, a few issues does not affect quality in any way.

  • Time is money

High speed of order fulfillment. Forgot to print posters, and the exhibition will open tomorrow? It’s okay, the best online printing services will help you: if you have mockups and posters, and all handouts will be ready within an hour. This is important, for example, for urgent printing of leaflets, preparation of presentation documents for unexpectedly appointed negotiations, etc.

  • Can’t hurt to try

Possibility of printing a test sample. The digital method allows you to make only one copy and, if necessary, correct errors in it. Often this is used when printing large quantities of the offset method for the publication of a signal copy.

Of course, digital printing has some limitations and disadvantages that offset printing does not. They are as follows:

  1. Limitation on the maximum size of the product. Most digital presses work with a sheet of 320×450 mm (A3 +) or close to it.
  2. The inability to print with special inks – for example, metalized or special mixed. However, modern digital printing machines imitate almost any color with sufficient quality, and the result obtained is sufficient in most cases in the manufacture of commercial printing.
  3. With circulations above average (approximately from 500 A4 prints), the cost of digitally printed products becomes comparable to offset printing.

Thus, online printing is optimal if you need to quickly and inexpensively produce a minimum or small print run with good quality

What are the categories of digital printing?

There are also several types of online printing, which are allocated by experts. With an understanding of the information to follow, you can clearly understand what to expect and what request to make to print companies:

  • Leafy. 

Scope of application – the production of numerous printed advertising: leaflets, business cards, booklets, brochures, etc. It requires laser printing devices.

  • Roll (large format). 

Scope of application – production of outdoor advertising. Roll width – up to 5 m, length – up to several tens of meters. Inkjet printing is used. The product quality is very high and the images are durable. Printing on a banner, mesh, special fabric, paper is possible.

  • Photo printing. 

The main characteristic is perfectly accurate image transmission. Inkjet technology and special photographic paper are used.

What equipment is used?

Printers, copiers, printing systems, risographs of small dimensions, digital printing machines are used for work. The equipment is usually quite compact, so the printing house does not require large premises. Some devices are easy to place in a typical office or even at home. So in the future, you can even type what you need with your own hands. However, at the stage of getting acquainted with one of the sections of the printing business, we still strongly advise you to contact and contact professionals, since there is every printing company in every city.

Digital printing is rapidly developing, finding itself in more and more new areas of application, which is not surprising given its considerable pros and cons.

Our managers will be happy to advise you on the timing, cost, and possibilities of digital printing, as well as help you choose the best material. We have several digital printing machines, and the availability of a full set of professional post-printing equipment will allow us to quickly and efficiently fulfill almost any order. Online printing is the future, try it and see!