What Type Of Lip Filler Might Be Right For You

Type Of Lip Filler

There have never been so many options for using unique products, injections, and fillers for lips. We could choose from just two different methods, focusing on the desired result and each method’s advantages and disadvantages. But now, without the advice of a specialist, it is no longer possible to figure it out, since for a particular situation, case and request, you need to select your unique medical device.

If you come to the salon to change something specific in this part of the face, then the employee should tell you how to solve your problem. However, in such a complex matter, you should not take the doctor’s word for it. It is better to prepare for all possible outcomes and independently study the varieties of lip fillers and what cases they are advised to be used.

 What are the different types of lip fillers?

Let’s take preventive measures together and explore this topic together. Types of lip fillers are as follows:

 1) Hyaluronic-based

The filler, the primary substance of hyaluronic acid, is ideal for those new to face modification.

If you were intimidated by stories that it is worth your master to make a mistake while applying the filler, you could not get rid of the disfigured appearance, and then this is exactly what the doctor ordered for you.

The fact is that even in the case of an unsuccessful procedure (that is, the formation of irregularities, rolls, and not symmetrical lips) or getting the wrong effect that you expected, the result can always be reversed. This is one of the main advantages of hyaluronic enhancement compared to different types of lip fillers.

Also, this particular product goes well with the subtlety and neatness of the lines. For example, if you need to get rid of small and fine wrinkles around the mouth.

How does the acid removal process take place when the procedure has already been performed? Very simple. You have to come to the spa salon to the master and ask them to give you a hyaluronidase injection. This substance counteracts the mentioned acid, destroying protein compounds in it. As a result of the reverse operation, you can expect that the result will come to naught in a maximum of two days.

2) Restylane

Among the common types of lip fillers, this filler is distinguished by the fact that it is often used to heal scars, disappear scars, and also can be used to enlarge not only the lips themselves but also the cheeks and hollows under the eyes. When using this type of dermal filler, do not expect fabric softness, but it is smooth. The effect will last from six to nine months.

Another difference between Restylane and other positions on this list is that the final effect will look more natural, not like your lips are severely sore. This is especially suitable for those whose lips are naturally thin enough, and substantial pumped-up rollers will not look very organic with their appearance. For such cases, we recommend paying attention to Restylane Kysse.

Another type of product of the same brand called Restylane Refyne should be used if you already have noticeable wrinkles from laughing and smiling. For very noticeable and deep age-related changes on the skin, Restylane Defyne is suitable, which will add freshness to you.

3) Juvederm

Among other types of fillers, this one is perhaps the most persistent in terms of effect preservation. l different several products – Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus. It is effortless to distinguish them. The first gives the lips volume that is not as impressive and durable as the second.

The effect will last for about a year, depending on your skin type and climate. 

Now that we have looked at the different types of fillers for lips, it will be easier for you to choose what you need between them all. We wish you a beautiful appearance and a good lip augmentation master!