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Why do we collect your data?


We collect only the data shown in the comments form after you leave a comment on ouronline store website. In addition, we collect your IP address. It helps with spam detection. MediaDuring the uploading images to the website, we kindly ask you to avoid models with EXIFGPS (embedded location data). Our site visitors can download any location data theywant, from every image they choose.

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After you leave a comment, you opt-in to save the private data, including email address,name, and website cookies. Thus, the next time you can quickly leave the comment on ourwebsite without providing your private information.

Account owners get a set of temporary cookies to determine whether the browser acceptsthem or not. They do not contain personal data and discard after you close the browser.

Also, after you log in, you obtain several cookies to save the login information and screenoptions. The first one lasts for two days, and the second lasts upon a year. However, if youchoose the «remember me» option, then the login remain for about two weeks.

An additional cookie appeared when you edit or publish something on the website. Thesecookies do not include your data. They indicate only the ID of the post and expires in aday.


Embedded content from other websites

The article on our website may include embedded content such as videos and photos fromother sites. However, be sure that it behaves the same way as if you visit other websites.Means, they can use cookies, collect your data, and even track your interaction with them.


The comment you leave retain indefinitely on our website. Thus, we recognize andapprove the comments you leave automatically. Therefore, you do not have to wait in amoderation queue. By the way, the user that register on our online website store can store,edit, and delete his or her personal information on the profile any time he or she wants (theonly exception is a user name – it is unchangeable).The rights users have over their data.Everyone, who has an account on this website, could request to get an exported file of hisdata. It includes the data we store about you and the information you provide to us on yourown. You can ask to erase this data as well. However, keep in mind that we will not erasethe legal, administrative, or security purposes data that we are obliged to follow.

Where the private data is checked.

We sent your private data to the automated spam detection service.