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The norse mythology has ended around the millennium ago. However, they are still capturing our attention to viking jewellry today. As a result – from many cartoons up to fancy dress outfits.

What was in the past…

Vikings were well-known, influential and fearless warriors who did not look like any other tribe. Vikings were real fighters, brave and active people, who had their customs and traditions. One of the main Vikings heritages was their jewelry and how they used it.

Viking bracelets and viking rings not only served to “improve” their appearance but was also a demonstration of their family wealth and status in society. As a rule, Nordic jewelry was of simple shapes and designs. It corresponded to a specific weight system so that it was easy to determine the cost of silver. Sometimes Vikings cut their jewelry in half or into unequal parts to pay for a service or item. At that time, jewelry was the most frequently made of silver. However, there were the other materials (wood, glass, amber gold, animals’ bones, etc.) used to create different accessories (the choice of material depends on the wearer and the purpose). The most popular viking artifacts
were different viking arm rings, necklaces, pins,and bracelets. Various pendants were also very common Viking artifacts. The main Viking jewelries were pagan and Christian amulets. Thor’s Hammer was the most  popular Viking symbol.

… and what is now

Although the period of the Vikings era was ten centuries ago (793—1066), their history impresses everyone today. Many people use the Vikings jewelry as protective amulets. Viking jewelry was used to transmit the inner world of its owner. There were different designs of accessories, including images of plants, animals, leaves, etc. Viking products also covered the pictures of ancient legends, myths, heroes, and different religious rituals.

Today, there are numerous stores, selling replicas of Vikings’ accessories, clothes, shoes, etc. However, a few of them guarantee the quality of their products. At our Viking Style online store, you can find a wide assortment of Viking jewelry depicting abstract and geometric patterns, images of animals, plants and mythology.

We offer a wide assortment of top-quality Viking jewelry. Whether you are searching for Viking cross, ring, pendant, pin or the other Nordic jewelry, Viking Style is ready to assist.

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Popular Questions Customers Ask About Our Viking Jewelry Range

The Nordic heritage is inherited today. Many of the Viking treasures still exist. It’s important to note that genuine Viking jewelry can be found in many countries including Iceland. But when it comes to unique Viking jewellery, it will not take long until it is here. All of our craftsmen use only quality products and are passionate about producing unique jewelry items that reflect a Viking culture. This collection contains beautiful Viking bracelets and ring necklaces.

Welcome to NorthLord

Viking jewellery has an individual meaning and expresses the voice of ancient legends and mythology. Each one represents the energies of the Ancient Age and the Viking Age, the lifestyle of the Vikings and its legacy over time. We’re Northlords and offer hand made Viking jewellery in contemporary style and historical reproduction. Buy Viking-inspired merchandise and strengthen your Viking connection.

Tell me the origin of Viking jewelry?

Viking jewellery is typically manufactured with silver and bronze. Gold was expensive at the time and was reserved only to the wealthy Vikings. Several products from our jewellery range are created with gold, so you should definitely take some time to check them out. You can read the story about Viking jewellery.

Tell me the type of Viking jewelry you sell?

Viking Brands is a jewelry manufacturer specializing in silver and steel products. The collection of jewellery includes Viking rings, Viking necklaces, Viking wristbands, Armrings and Pearl.

Tell me the authenticity of Viking jewellery?

The Viking necklace can be verified using an analysis of the necklace. The fluoresic XRF is an accurate XRF instrument used to perform such tests.

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What kind of Nordic jewelry did women wear?

Viking girls wore a brooch as a way of fastening their clothes. Aside from the brooch they wore a necklace.

What kind of Nordic jewelry did men wear?

Vikings usually wore Norse jewellery, like rings, bracelets and earrings with pendants.

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