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Berserkergang: The Psychedelic Drugs Powering Viking Berserkers

viking berserker mushroom

Have you ever heard of berserkergang? It’s a phenomenon that has captivated historians and mythologists for centuries. Berserkergang is the state of uncontrollable rage and heightened strength that Viking warriors allegedly achieved during battles. These fearsome fighters, known as berserkers, were said to be fueled by potent psychedelic drugs that allowed them to tap into […]

How Did Viking Berserkers Behave In Battle

Viking Berserkers

The Viking era is often romanticized and shrouded in mystery, with tales of fierce warriors known as berserkers dominating the narrative. These legendary warriors were reputed for their savage battle prowess and seemingly superhuman abilities on the battlefield. Among the theories surrounding their unusual behavior, the use of psychotropic substances such as the “berserker mushroom” […]

Were Viking Berserkers Real?

Were Viking Berserkers Real

The Viking Age was a period of great upheaval and transformation in European history, marked by the expansion of the Norse peoples across the seas and the establishment of their legendary culture. One of the most enduring symbols of this era is the berserker, a fierce warrior who was said to be capable of entering […]