Poster Installation Tips

An art poster is a trendy and expressive way to decorate your home. They are printed not only on matte or glossy paper but also on canvas, imitating real paintings. For the poster to last longer, it is not just printed, but also pulled onto a stretcher or glued onto foam board. By the way, in the second case, it is best to order a photo poster print on a self-adhesive film.

How to choose a good poster? Here are some tips for finding the right image for your home or office interior:

  • First, you need to choose the image so that it goes on with the rest of the interior. It can overlap in color and motives with both wallpaper and furniture, decorative elements, textiles, and other images;
  • Be careful with the size and choose a poster that will be in harmony with the wall and the general room atmosphere. If the image you want to use is not enough for a large space, then it may be worth using a wide mat and baguette design;
  • It is not enough to order a poster print and hang it on the wall. The backlighting allows you to achieve better results. Moreover, there are many lighting systems now. LED and halogen lamps will help you to create a marvelous look. In this case, the light source must be placed so that the lighting does not make glare on the poster;
  • Remember that poster is not only a small detail in your design but also it is used to change the space. Hang an image with a view from the window in a small room, it will visually increase your space in size. Besides, a bright art poster will dilute the void, make the space cozier and more balanced;
  • Place images on the wall so that your line of sight divides the poster roughly in the middle. Please note that the poster on glossy paper should be positioned so that the light source is opposite;
  • Don’t forget about the wide assortment of collages. Several posters collected in a collage may well become a compositional center. For a collage, you should use posters of different sizes and shapes. In this case, a very interesting and unusual solution will turn out.

What should I do to install a poster?

If you find the artwork you dreamed about, there are some pieces of advice on how to install a poster.

First, you should start with preparation. Before you open the poster you need to get ready. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly to make sure that the dirt or oil can not transfer onto your artwork.

After you wash your hands you will have to clean the working place too. By the way, it is necessary to find a big flat surface to start unpacking your poster.

You should attentively unpack the tube and unroll the poster. Be careful and wait till the poster stops to curl up on itself. Only after that, you may start to hang it.