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The Valknut is one of Nordic culture’s most mysterious and fascinating symbols. Also known as the “knot of the slain”, it consists of three interlocking triangles and is found on various ancient Norse artifacts. While its precise meaning is unknown, it is often associated with Valhalla, the magnificent hall of Odin where brave warriors go after they die in battle. It has also been linked to other aspects of Nordic mythology, like the story of Ragnarok, the final battle between the gods and giants. Whatever its true meaning, the Valknut remains an evocative and powerful symbol of Norse culture.
Here at Viking Style, we are proud to offer a wide variety of necklaces with the Valknut symbol. The Valknut is a symbol used for centuries by Vikings and other Norse peoples, and it holds a great deal of meaning and significance. The three interlocking triangles of the Valknut represent the three worlds of Norse mythology: Asgard (the world of the gods), Midgard (the world of humans), and Hel (the world of the dead). The Valknut is also a sign of protection and strength, which is said to offer power and courage to those wearing it. Whether looking for a necklace to wear as a fashion statement or one that holds personal meaning, you are sure to find the perfect piece here at our store. Don`t hesitate to order an accessory today.