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Honoring The Dead: Uncovering Viking Funeral Rituals

Viking Funeral Rituals

Most people know little about Viking burial rituals, and what is known is often shrouded in mystery. In this blog post, we will explore some of the more obscure aspects of Viking funerals, including their traditions surrounding death. We’ll discuss burial customs, the role of the funeral pyre, and the significance of Viking burial traditions […]

How To Build A Viking Funeral Pyre?

How To Build A Viking Funeral Pyre

The Viking funeral traditions are one of the most mysterious parts of their culture. While much of their mythology and history are unknown, their funeral practices are still quite fascinating. In this blog post, we will explore the details of Viking funeral rites and what items were typically included in a traditional Viking pyre. We’ll […]

How Tall Were Vikings?

How Tall Were Vikings

The Viking Age was a period of significant cultural and historical development in Northern Europe, marked by the growth of Norse-speaking kingdoms. Over the years, Vikings have developed a legendary reputation for their physical strength and fierceness in battle. Yet one of the fascinating questions surrounding this era is how tall were Vikings on average. […]

Going Beyond a Bar of Soap: Understanding Viking Hygiene Practices

Viking Hygiene

The Viking Age is often remembered for its warrior culture, but the everyday lives of these ancient people were also fascinating. However, it has yet to be widely known that the Vikings held surprisingly progressive ideals regarding hygiene. This article explores their practices, from Viking hygiene products to dental care. Going beyond a bar of […]