Traditional Viking Hairstyles: Female Version

Traditional Viking Hairstyles: Female Version

Welcome to the captivating world of traditional Viking hairstyles for females. This article will delve into these hairstyles’ historical significance and cultural importance, showcasing their relevance in modern times for women who embody the warrior spirit.

Understanding Viking Hairstyles

Viking hairstyles have long been admired for their unique and intricate designs. These hairstyles served a practical purpose and held significant cultural and symbolic meaning in Norse society. Understanding the origins and elements of Viking hairstyles can provide insight into these fierce warriors’ rich history and traditions.

Origins: Viking hairstyles originated in the Viking Age, which spanned from the 8th to the 11th century. During this time, Vikings, known for their seafaring and exploration, developed distinct hairstyles that reflected their warrior lifestyle and connections to Norse mythology.

Symbolism: Viking hairstyles were more than just a fashion statement; they represented strength, bravery, and social status. Different hairstyles were worn for various occasions, such as battles, celebrations, or religious ceremonies. These hairstyles were often adorned with intricate braids, knots, beads, and other accessories.

Elements of Viking Hairstyles: For females, Viking hairstyles incorporated braids, knots, and accessories. Braids were a hallmark feature, with single braids, double braids, and warrior braids being commonly seen. Additionally, elaborate knots and updos were created to showcase the craftsmanship and artistry of the hairstyles.

Viking Braids:

  • The single braid: A simple yet elegant style, the single braid was a popular choice for Viking women. It was often adorned with beads or small metal decorations.
  • Double braids: This style involved dividing the hair into two sections and creating braids on each side. It added volume and complexity to the hairstyle.
  • Warrior braids: These were intricate braids that showcased the warrior spirit of Viking women. They were often combined with other braided elements to create a powerful and striking look.


Viking hairstyles were often enhanced with accessories that further symbolized the warrior spirit. Hairpins, beads, and brooches made from materials like bone, metal, and wood were commonly used to adorn the hairstyles. These accessories added beauty, held spiritual significance, and represented the wearer’s strength and status.

Understanding the origins and elements of Viking hairstyles allows us to appreciate their artistry and cultural significance. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the specific Viking hairstyles worn by women, explore modern adaptations, and provide styling tips for those looking to embrace the Viking spirit in their own hair.

Exploring Viking Hairstyles Female

When it comes to Viking hairstyles, it’s not just the men who had all the fun. Viking women also embraced unique and intricate hairstyles that reflected their strength and beauty. In this section, we will explore the various hairstyles worn by Viking women, highlighting the techniques used to create stunning braids and elaborate updos.

1. Intricate Braids for Every Hair Length

The intricate braiding is one of the most iconic features of womens Viking hairstyles. Whether they had long, medium, or short hair, Viking women were skilled in the art of braiding. Long-haired women often adorned their locks with elaborate warrior braids that cascaded down their backs, while those with medium-length hair embraced double braids or braided half-up styles. Even women with short hair found ways to incorporate braids, creating unique and fierce looks.

2. Elaborate Updos: A Work of Art

In addition to braids, Viking women created elaborate updos showcasing their creativity and craftsmanship. These updos often featured intricate knots and twists, taking inspiration from the woven patterns found in Norse craftsmanship. Women with long hair could create stunning updos by twisting and pinning their locks into place, while those with shorter hair could achieve a similar effect by strategically using braids and knots.

3. Hair Length Considerations

It’s important to note that Viking women’s hairstyles varied depending on their hair length. While long hair provided more opportunities for intricate braids and elaborate updos, women with medium-length and short hair were not left out. They still found ways to embrace the Viking aesthetic by modifying the hairstyles to suit their hair length, incorporating braids and knots to add flair and express their warrior spirit.

4. Modern Adaptations

Today, women interested in Viking hairstyles can embrace the ancient traditions while incorporating modern elements. Whether it’s adding beads and charms to the braids or experimenting with different textures and colors, modern Viking-inspired hairstyles allow women to express their individuality while paying tribute to the fierce and fearless Viking women of the past.

In the next section, we will delve into the importance of the warrior spirit in Viking hairstyles, exploring how even women with short hair can embody the strength and power associated with Viking hairstyles.

The Warrior Spirit in Hair

In the world of Viking hairstyles, short hair does not limit the expression of the warrior spirit. Even with shorter locks, modern warrior women can still embrace their Viking heritage through clever styling techniques that incorporate braids and knots. This section will showcase various inspirational ideas and techniques for female Viking hairstyles for short hair, enabling women to channel their inner shield-maiden with confidence and style.

Braided Half-Up Style

One popular option for short-haired Viking warriors is the braided half-up style. This involves creating small braids on either side of the head and securing them at the back, leaving the remaining hair loose. The braids add a touch of Viking charm, while the loose strands maintain a modern and casual look.

Faux Hawk Braid

Amp up the fierceness with a faux hawk braid for short hair. This style involves braiding a small section of hair on top of the head, starting at the forehead and working towards the crown. The remaining hair is styled with volume and texture, creating a bold, edgy, Viking-inspired look.

Crown Braids

Viking women with short hair can still achieve an elegant and regal look with crown braids. This style involves creating two small braids on each side of the head, starting at the temples and working towards the back. The braids are then joined together at the back, forming a beautiful crown-like effect.

  • Add small jeweled hairpins or Viking-inspired accessories to enhance the regal look.
  • Experiment with different braid thicknesses and placement to find the style that suits you best.

Side Braid with Accessories

Showcase your inner shield-maiden with a side braid for short hair. Create a single braid on one side of the head, starting at the temple and working towards the back. Secure the braid with a decorative hairpin or Viking-inspired accessory. This style adds a touch of elegance and pays homage to the fierce warrior women of the past.

Remember, Viking hairstyles are not about conforming to rigid rules but about embodying the spirit of the fearless women who once wore them. Feel free to experiment, adapt, and make these styles your own. Let your creativity and warrior spirit guide you in embracing your Viking heritage, no matter the length of your hair.

Braided Beauties: Viking Braid Styles

In this section, we will explore the captivating art of Viking braids. Viking hairstyles for females often feature intricate braids, symbolizing strength, beauty, and the warrior spirit. Let’s delve into some of the most popular braid styles that define traditional Viking hairstyles.

1. Classic Single Braid

The classic single braid is a timeless Viking hairstyle. It involves braiding all the hair into a long braid hanging down the back. This style is simple yet elegant, showcasing the hair’s natural beauty while maintaining its functionality.

2. Double Braids

The double braids hairstyle adds a touch of charm to the Viking look. It involves parting the hair down the middle and creating two braids that hang down each side. Double braids are versatile and can be worn loosely or accessorized with intricate hairpins or beads.

3. Intricate Warrior Braids

For those seeking a more elaborate and fierce Viking hairstyle, intricate warrior braids are the perfect choice. These braids involve interweaving multiple strands of hair, creating intricate patterns that evoke a sense of strength and power. Warrior braids can be worn as a standalone style or incorporated into other hairstyles for added impact.

Now that we’ve explored these Viking braid styles let’s move on to step-by-step instructions and valuable styling tips to help you recreate these stunning looks at home.

Beyond Braids: Viking Knot Hairstyles

While Viking braids are a well-known symbol of traditional Viking hairstyles for females, Viking knot hairstyles offer an equally elegant and intricate option for women who want to embrace the Viking spirit in their hair. These versatile styles showcase the craftsmanship and attention to detail that is synonymous with Viking culture.

To create Viking-inspired knot hairstyles, start by sectioning the hair into smaller portions and twisting each section tightly. Once twisted, intertwine the sections and secure them with hairpins or clips. This technique creates a stunning interlacing pattern that resembles the intricate knotwork found in Norse art and jewelry.

For those with longer hair, elaborate updos with Viking knots can be achieved by twisting and weaving sections of the hair into intricate patterns. These updos exhibit the strength and resilience associated with Viking women and provide a striking and regal appearance.

Women with shorter hair can also incorporate Viking knots into their hairstyles by creating miniature knots along the hairline or at the back of the head. These smaller knots add a touch of Viking allure while maintaining the practicality of shorter hairstyles.

Whether you choose a full updo or incorporate smaller knots, Viking knot hairstyles are a beautiful way to channel the timeless elegance and strength of Viking women. Experiment with different placements, sizes, and patterns to find the knot hairstyle that best suits your hair length and personal style.

Benefits of Viking Knot Hairstyles:

  • Represent the intricacy and artistry of Viking culture
  • Add a unique and regal touch to your look
  • Showcase the adaptability of Viking hairstyles for different hair lengths
  • Evoke the strength and resilience associated with Viking warriors

Embrace the warrior spirit in your hair with Viking knot hairstyles, allowing you to embody the fierce and independent nature of Viking women.

Embracing the Viking Spirit: Hair Accessories

In order to fully embody the essence of traditional Viking hairstyles, incorporating authentic hair accessories is essential. These accessories enhance the overall look and pay homage to the rich Viking heritage. From ornate hairpins to intricate beads and brooches, Viking hair accessories add a touch of elegance and power to the hairstyles.

Here are some traditional Viking hair accessories to consider:

  • Hairpins: Delicately crafted hairpins adorned with intricate designs are a staple of Viking hair styling. They can be used to secure braids or accentuate updos, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Beads: Decorative beads, often made of amber or metal, are used to embellish braids and add color and texture to the hairstyles. They lend a rustic and mystical charm to the overall look.
  • Brooches: Viking brooches serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose. They can be used to secure hairstyles and feature intricate patterns reflecting the Viking spirit. Brooches add a regal touch to Viking hairstyles, elevating them to a new level of elegance.

When incorporating hair accessories into modern Viking-inspired looks, it’s important to strike a balance between tradition and personal style. Consider the colors and materials of the accessories to complement your hair color and the overall theme of your outfit. Experiment with different placement options and combinations to create a unique, captivating look that celebrates the Viking spirit.

Modern Takes on Viking Hairstyles

As society evolves, so too does fashion, and the world of Viking hairstyles is no exception. In this section, we explore how contemporary women can embrace the spirit of traditional Viking hairstyles while incorporating modern elements and trends.

One popular modern take on Nordic hairstyles female is the fusion of traditional braids with sleek, straight hair. This combination creates a striking contrast and adds a touch of elegance to the fierce warrior look. To achieve this style, straighten your hair and incorporate braids along the sides or as a crown. This modern twist infuses Viking hairstyles with a sophisticated edge.

Another trend that has gained popularity is the incorporation of Viking-inspired hair accessories. While traditional Viking hairstyles often feature ornate hairpins and brooches, modern versions offer a variety of options, including minimalist metal hair accessories or contemporary headbands. These additions provide a unique and personalized touch to any Viking-inspired look.

Consider experimenting with vibrant hair colors to add a touch of rebellion to your Viking hairstyle. While natural hair colors were predominant in Viking times, modern interpretations embrace bold shades like red, purple, or silver. Combining these non-traditional colors with braids and knots creates a striking and unconventional look reflecting the warrior spirit.

For women with shorter hair, fear not! Viking hairstyles are just as versatile for shorter hair lengths. Opt for shorter, edgier versions of traditional Viking braids, such as the half-up warrior braid or the diagonal side braid. These styles allow women with shorter hair to embrace their Viking heritage while maintaining a modern and trendy appearance.

Modern Takes on Viking Hairstyles:

  • Combining sleek, straight hair with Viking braids for an elegant look.
  • Incorporating modern hair accessories into Viking hairstyles.
  • Experimenting with vibrant hair colors to add a rebellious touch.
  • Adapting traditional Viking braids for shorter hair lengths.

By merging traditional Viking elements with contemporary trends, women can create unique and personalized hairstyles that pay homage to the fierce and brave Viking women of the past. These modern takes on Viking hairstyles allow women to unleash their inner warrior while embracing their individuality and style.

Styling Tips and Maintenance

Several key styling tips and maintenance practices are necessary to achieve and maintain traditional Nordic hairstyles for women. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your Viking-inspired look remains authentic and long-lasting.

1. Hair Care

Proper hair care is essential for maintaining healthy and strong hair, which is the foundation for any Viking hairstyle. To keep your hair in optimal condition, consider the following:

  • Regularly wash and condition your hair using products suitable for your hair type.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling and use heat-protectant products when necessary.
  • Protect your hair from harsh environmental factors like sun exposure and extreme temperatures.

2. Recommended Products

Choosing the right products for your Viking hairstyle can significantly affect its longevity and overall appearance. Consider incorporating the following products into your hair care routine:

  • Quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair clean and nourished.
  • Hair oils or serums to add shine and combat frizz.
  • Hair spray or styling gel to help create and hold intricate braids and knots.

3. Techniques for Long-Lasting Styles

Creating Viking hairstyles that withstand the test of time requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Here are some techniques to help achieve long-lasting styles:

  • Start with clean and dry hair for better hold and durability.
  • Secure braids and knots tightly using hairpins or invisible elastic bands.
  • Consider using a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to add grip and enhance the staying power of the hairstyle.

4. Authenticity and Personalization

While it’s important to maintain the traditional aspects of Viking hairstyles, don’t be afraid to add your own personal touches to make it unique to you. Experiment with different braiding patterns, accessories, and variations to create a hairstyle that reflects your individual style and personality.

By following these styling tips and maintenance practices, you can embrace the spirit of Viking hairstyles and confidently rock an authentic and fierce look.


Throughout this article, we have explored the fascinating world of traditional Viking hairstyles for females. These iconic hairstyles hold a deep historical significance and cultural importance, symbolizing the warrior spirit of Viking women. Today, these hairstyles continue to captivate modern-day warrior women, allowing them to embrace their Viking heritage and embody strength and beauty.

From intricate braids to elaborate updos, Viking hairstyles offer a wide range of options for women with different hair lengths and styles. The adaptability of these hairstyles is evident in the various techniques used to create braids and knots, even for women with short hair. With step-by-step instructions and styling tips, it is possible for every woman to channel her inner Viking.

But Viking hairstyles go beyond just the hair. The use of traditional hair accessories such as brooches, beads, and hairpins adds an additional layer of authenticity and charm. These accessories enhance the overall look, giving it an extra touch of Viking elegance.

In closing, the popularity and appeal of traditional Viking hairstyles for modern-day warrior women show no signs of wavering. With their timeless beauty and representation of strength, these hairstyles celebrate the fierce spirit of Viking women and continue to inspire women today to embrace their inner warriors.