6 Reasons To Take A Viking Homelands Cruise

Viking Homelands Cruise

Are you looking for a great adventure to go in the nearest future? We have something to offer you! The Viking cruise is the Northern Europe ocean cruise with an unforgettable route and beautiful views. The Viking sea cruise incorporates eleven ports in eight different countries while the trip itself lasts 14 days. Sailing starts in the Nordics, continues in the Baltic sea, and finishes in Russia. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Here are the top reasons why taking a Viking cruise remains a brilliant idea for adults and kids.

Reasons to go on a Viking homelands cruise


1. Discover Viking culture on a board

The Viking homelands cruise passes in the nine-deck level ship named Viking Jupiter. This ship hosts around a thousand passengers and provides themed decks, allowing guests to learn more about Scandinavian culture and nation. You can find Wintergarden there representing the ancient Norse folklore fairytale – a so-called tree of life. Be sure you will fully enjoy the Viking atmosphere on the board with various Scandinavian artifacts and attributes.


2. Find out something new about ports

The Viking cruise has experts on board to get insights into Nordic history, culture, or other explorative topics. The lectures are incorporated daily to talk about ports and cities where a ship stops. The new knowledge covers different exciting aspects of the Scandinavian world, so every guest can quickly become more aware.


3. Get any suitable excursions in ports

The nice feature of this Viking cruise is an opportunity to go on excursions in city ports. The city tours mainly include visiting famous tourist spots, apart from popular attractions and engaging activities. The excursions available for passengers are on foot, or by bus or boat, allowing you to choose any suitable option depending on your requirements.


4. Don’t pass by the Nordic spa

Whether you go sailing for Viking world cruise 2022, you are lucky since there is a range of available procedures related to beauty and relaxation. Different body treatments and massages incorporate Scandinavian techniques and ingredients, making the atmosphere even more unforgettable. Guests can visit various Nordic Bathing Rituals to look and feel better!


5. Enjoy traditional food on every deck

A Viking Jupiter won’t leave anyone hungry. There are multiple cuisines to suit any guest’s wishes. From Italian kitchen to Asian Panorama and everything in between – a Viking homelands cruise is a #1 choice for gourmands who are willing to try something new from cuisines worldwide.


6. Try an entertaining onboard program

The Viking ocean cruises typically include exciting entertainment. From live music to library and planetarium – every guest won’t become bored in such a wonderful atmosphere! Be sure there are a lot of exciting options offered for your kids as well.