Exploring Valhalla: Essential Viking Fiction for Adventure Enthusiasts

Viking Fiction

Have you been captivated by the fascinating realm of Vikings, yearning for more stories filled with valiant fighters, legendary tales, and the rich tapestry of Norse mythology? You’ve struck gold! In our latest blog entry, we’ve assembled an exclusive selection of 25 books that will fling you into the heart of the Viking Age and nourish your inner Viking soul. Spanning from enthralling historical fiction to enchanting mythological narratives, these books promise a feast of adventure and valor to satisfy your quest for the extraordinary.

Popular Viking Sagas Books

#1 Vinland by George MacKay Brown

Set against the backdrop of medieval Norse exploration, “Vinland” is a gripping historical fiction novel that masterfully reimagines pivotal moments from the rich tapestry of Norse sagas. Inspired by the detailed accounts of Leif Eriksson’s groundbreaking voyage to North America as described in the Icelandic Vinland Sagas, as well as the power struggles detailed in the Orkneyinga Saga, the book charts the odyssey of its protagonist, Ranald.

Ranald’s story begins serendipitously as he finds himself amongst the crew of Leif Eriksson, navigating towards the shores of Vinland. His adventures do not end with the voyages across the Atlantic, as he later finds his way to Norway and becomes entrenched in historic warfare, playing a role in the Battle of Clontarf. This decisive conflict saw Brian Boru, the celebrated Irish leader, triumph over the Norse invaders.

#2 God’s Hammer by Eric Schumacher

The boy had cautiously aimed his wool-covered branch at Edmund’s lower extremities. Deflecting the assault, Edmund struck downwards, aiming for his opponent’s cranium. With a swift dodge to the side, the boy narrowly escaped, but not without a scrape to his right auditory appendage. The crowd’s fervor on the banks rose sharply in anticipation before quieting down as the boy judiciously retreated from Edmund’s striking distance. Relishing the upper hand, Edmund proceeded with subtle advances and feigned an attack to the boy’s left patella. Quickly redirecting, he landed a blow on the boy’s right deltoid. The sudden contact caught the boy off guard, causing him to lose his grip on the frozen timber and plunge headlong into the frigid waters beneath. The skirmish concluded as swiftly as it had commenced.

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#3 Styrbiorn the Strong by E.R. Eddison

“Styrbiorn the Strong,” first published in 1926, is E.R. Eddison’s imaginative retelling of the saga surrounding its titular hero, Styrbiorn. Drawing inspiration from ancient texts, this literary rendition shines a spotlight on an enigmatic figure prominently featured in historic records such as Snorri Sturluson’s 13th-century collection of regal narratives, Heimskringla, and the expansive medieval codex, Flateyjarbók, from Iceland. Styrbiorn emerges in these chronicles as a formidable contender to the Swedish crown and the valiant head of the legendary Jomsvikings—a warrior clan recently popularized by Netflix’s epic show “Vikings: Valhalla.”

#4 The Last Kingdom” by Bernard Cornwell

Immerse yourself in the saga of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a Saxon aristocrat seized and nurtured by Norsemen, as he contends with the tumultuous hostilities among England’s rival dominions. With gripping authenticity, Cornwell’s historical novels masterfully depict the tumultuous battles between the marauding Viking forces and the resolute Saxon resistance. Moreover, you can get an alternative version or continuation of the book. All you need for this is AI for novels and such a tool exists. You can create books and AI will help with this.

#5 Varangian by Stuart G. Yates

The echo of her footsteps, crisp and rhythmic against the marble corridor, filled the cavernous space beneath the grand, arching ceiling. Solitude was her companion this day, for she traversed without a guard to eavesdrop or signal her schemes to the watchful Orphano. Darting behind pillars, her eyes would dart back over her shoulder, the Empress Zoe of Byzantium pressed on with haste. In her heart, she knew Alexius would have the wisdom for what came next.

In the silence that followed Leoni’s departure, she sought the comfort of her chambers, settled momentarily upon her bed, and then bent into the solace of prayer. In the still watches of the night, she often found herself awake, haunted by the chilling visions of her own demise. Imagining herself as nothing more than a pale, lifeless husk, her essence departed, she pondered over her fate beyond death.

Viking Valhalla

#6 The Gatewatch by Josh Gillingham

Immersed in the rich tapestry of Scandinavian myths and the vast universe of Norse legends, Josh Gillingham’s “The Gatewatch” beckons readers into the imaginatively crafted realm of The Saga of Torin Ten-Trees. A clear homage to the epic tales spun by literary giants J.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R. Martin, this opening volume escorts us into an exclusively conjured fantasy world. We traipse alongside a valiant troupe of neophyte troll-hunters – the eponymous hero, Torin, along with his comrades, Grimsa and Bryn. Together, they undertake a thrilling quest to become part of an elite assembly of guardians charged with shielding the Realm of Noros from the scourge of trolls. For those yearning for an escapade reminiscent of “The Hobbit’s” ethereal quality and sense of wonder, yet yearn for a narrative that is entirely innovative with intriguing protagonists, “The Gatewatch” awaits to satisfy that longing.

#7 The Ice-Shirt by William T. Vollmann

William T. Vollmann’s “The Ice-Shirt” stands as a modern echo of classic sagas, tracing lineage through generations with concise, saga-like prose. It originates in Norway and journeys over the icy seas, touching on Iceland and Greenland before reaching North American shores. Drawing richly from the Heimskringla and the Vinland Sagas, Vollmann interlaces ancient narratives and characters with Norse and Inuit mythical traditions, crafting a narrative tapestry.


In conclusion, Viking adventure books continue to captivate readers with their epic tales of bravery, conflict, and mythology. These novels offer a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the Norse people, bringing to life larger-than-life characters and events. Whether you prefer traditional sagas or modern retellings, there is no shortage of captivating stories to delve into in the world of Viking literature. So grab a horn of mead and settle in for an adventure like no other. Skål!  (Cheers!)