Fall Camping Ideas: Plan Your Autumn Trip

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Once the summer is already over doesn`t mean you need to put off your camping gear until the next warm period of the year. The early autumn season is truly one of the best times to plan a perfect camping day! Do you want to stock up with some additional equipment for a hike? Visit the camping gear shop with high-quality and durable gear, and make sure you get all the necessary stuff for a camping day. With that being said, let`s discover some worthy fall camping ideas to make your hiking day truly unforgettable!

Tricks for fall camping outfits

The first thing to check up on before deciding to go camping is the weather forecast. Typically, the early fall period still has high temperatures, however, a temperature indicator can rapidly decrease in the night. Freezing cold can be a true obstacle to feel most comfortable while on a hike, so make sure you wear it as warmly as possible. It would be better to incorporate the next clothing in your camping outfits list:

  1.     Rain jacket or\and rain pants – will protect you from unexpected raining conditions and keep you dry
  2.     Warm leggings – one layer of basic leggings is not enough for cool autumn evenings, so consider wearing one additional layer
  3.     Insulated jacket – your fall camping outfit won`t do without an insulated jacket that is nice to prevent the loss of heat
  4.     Base jacket – is used as the first layer in which you can even go sleep
  5.     Warm mid-layer – a fleece jacket will keep you cozy during cold evenings on a hike
  6.     Knitted hat (if needed) – works best for keeping your head in warmth
  7.     Gloves – protect your hands from cold in the fall is also important
  8.     Warm socks for sleeping – are good for cool autumn nights
  9.     Boots – the bad weather is not a problem anymore once you have a pair of durable boots providing moisture and dirt resistance

Best fall camping food ideas

Hot meals are perfect for camping in the cool season, so whether you bring the grill to the camp, you are a lucky one. A portable grill works great for different quick-to-prepare meals, like grilled salmon, steaks, or vegetables, cutlet for a burger, grilled sausages, pizza, chicken, etc. You can prepare soup using a grill as well – you just need to have appropriate kitchen equipment. Cheese soup is one of the most delicious meals to keep you warm even in the coolest fall evenings! Besides, you can take some already prepared meals that will decrease the time for cooking, or bring some canned food that simply needs to be heated too.

To make the atmosphere of fall camping evening most enjoyable, it would be better to take some marshmallows to fry on the fire or grill. Don`t forget about drinks – prepare some warming tea with lemon, honey, and ginger, or a fragrant pumpkin latte. Your friends will no doubt enjoy it!