Viking Rings

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In ancient times, it was enough to say the word “Viking” to strike terror into the hearts of everyone. All feared and respected these towering, dominant warriors. The natural motifs and art implemented raiding ships and armour magnified that aura of invincibility. You can get quickly deep into that aura with the help of our wide assortment of Vikings rings.

Viking Rings

Finds of the Viking rings tell us that they were used as a wearable currency that an accessory or an oath ring. Vikings traded for goods and services in silver. They could cut a piece of their silver bracelet or ring to pay for products or services. Lots of examples of hack silver have been found in Gotland, dating after 1000. It proves the fact that there was a lack of constant exchange.

Vikings were engaged not only in weapons crafting and farming (cattle breeding and agriculture), but also in manufacturing of various jewelry and decorations. They  had a rich artistic and spiritual life.

Gold and silver rings – neck rings, arm rings, and finger rings not only served as a sign of their status and wealth. Moreover, according to archaeological discoveries, the Viking jewelry played a crucial part in three social dimensions: in gender roles, in social status, in the religious-magical realm of the Viking society.

Viking jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, and rings was designed from various materials, ranging from gold to the simple animal bones. Not only women, but also men loved to wear jewelry. Jewelry they wore was a sign of their status. The rich Vikings worn jewelry made of gold or silver. The poor ones also loved jewelry, but made them from pewter, bronze, or even the bones of the animals they ate for dinner. Vikings picked up the style jewelry from the countries they visited and changed them to their own style. The twisted shapes of snakes was the most frequent and well-known ornament used on their jewelry. There were the other ornaments, but all of them features pictures of animals.

Viking Rings for Men

One of the most characteristic features of Viking society was the ritual gifting. Lords gifted rings, necklaces, etc. their men as a sign of gratefulness of valiant feats and great deeds. Because this tradition was widely known as well as commonly spread in the Viking culture, the term “ring-giver” has become a synonym for “king.” This ritual was encouraging the other men to make their effort to deserve the same gift, the gift that was given to only those who earned them.

King Hrothgar who appears in the Anglo-Saxon poem “Beowulf” was portrayed as a renowned ring-giver. In this poem was said: “In this way a young man ought by his good deeds, by giving splendid gifts while still in his father’s house, to make sure that later in life beloved companions will stand by him, that people will serve him when war comes.” After his mead hall was completed, the king Hrothgar gave rings to those warriors who had assisted him in building his hall. The same occurs when Beowulf comes going to protect the king and his village from Grendel. He promises Beowulf to “recompense with rich treasure” when he wins the war with Grendel.

We offer a top-quality selection of the replica Viking rings inspired by the ancient Norse artifacts. Al the norse rings we sell are fashioned out of high-quality materials that are ideal for anyone interested in wearing authentic Viking jewelry.  At our Viking Style online store, every Viking ring is made of stainless steel so that it won’t tarnish like silver viking ring, as this material is more resistant to corrosion. The Vilking rings will not fade. Therefore, they are long-lasting accessories that are specially designed to provide its owner with top-quality and excellent Viking style design.

Viking Style
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