10 Most Popular Viking Hairstyles


Vikings were mighty, courageous, and brave explorers from the North. As they lived a thousand years ago, there is no exact information about their appearance. We may suppose how they looked like. Usually, Vikings are depicted with the traditional Scandinavian hairstyles, which include rather long hair that is pulled back in a messy masculine ponytail and Viking braids. In fact, the most popular method to get long hair in a short period is to use hair extensions. 

The traditional Viking hairstyles are becoming more and more widespread nowadays. So, what Viking haircut is the most popular today? Why are the Viking braids at the peak of their popularity now? Keep on reading to get to know the answers and learn more exciting information about the traditional Scandinavian hairstyles of Vikings.

The Most Popular Viking Hairstyles

The Viking haircut and braid are the most recognizable fashion trends which are popular all over the world. Furthermore, a lot of modern men around the world like these Viking haircuts, which make them look more courageous and stylish. So, let us consider the ten most popular Viking men’s hairstyles.

1. Long untamed hair with little braids.

This Viking haircut is commonly associated with the Viking image and is considered to be the most typical and traditional one.  

2. Long clean hear on the top of the head in combination with the shaved sides.

This haircut is the most popular today.

3. Completely shaved head.

Usually, this haircut is combined with the beard. This image looks roughly. Furthermore, the beard may be even a little bit longer than usual. It will make this look more fashionable.

4. Long hair with neat braids on the top of the head and shaved sides.

This haircut may look differently, as there are a lot of various types of braids.

5. Long hair put in a bun.

This haircut can be composed with a short twist or just without it.

6. Long messy hair pulled in a ponytail on the top of the head.

Do not forget about the shaved sides and back of the head.

7. Long loose hair and the medium length beard.

Use a salt spray to make you’re clean hear messier. In such a case, you will look like a stylish Viking.

8. Mohawk is an ideal hairstyle for Vikings and punks. 

9. Half bun made on the back of the head.

There also may be a short or medium length beard.

10. The half ponytail on the back of the head.

This haircut also includes shaved sides and a bristle.


Viking hairstyles are rather widespread today. Just pay your attention to the most popular Viking haircuts to be really stylish and trendy.