What Are The Most Popular Viking Posters Of All Times?

Viking Posters

It is not surprising that Vikings took a place in modern art, particularly in poster printing, since their strong spirit and courage are something that is worth representing. Whether you are a fan of Vikings or not, be sure Viking wall posters will suit your room the best! It is not a banal way to decorate a space in a house, and a poster print center or same-day poster printing will help you with designing a unique placard with any of Viking’s attributes on it. Now, let’s discover the most recognizable Viking movie posters, and find out how to create a Viking placard.

Famous works among Viking posters art

  1. `Viking Travel` by Aleksander Karcz

This popular poster belongs to a collection The Power of Imagination by Aleksander Karcz – an independent creator from Polish. He has finished the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland, and already spent few exhibitions in the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, and in Wroclaw, Poland. Today, Aleksander Karcz creates graphics for Fantasy Flight Games and others.

The artwork represents a wooden ship with several Vikings on the board. The depicted sea is stormy, but Vikings don’t look frightened, conversely – standing on the nose of a ship, they look like strict, single-minded, and high-hearted warriors. An interesting detail of a poster is an unusual ship nose – it has a shape of an animal head with horns and big teeth. However, it seems like it is a habitual thing to this Nordic clan.

You can order this wonderful work in any large format you would like. Additionally, you can choose a covering material that makes a poster surface look matte, semi-gloss, or gloss.

  1. Poster of TV Series `Vikings` (2013-2020)

One of the most recognizable Viking posters prints is a range of posters to the cognominal series `Vikings`. Each of the posters is truly fine and quality digital work and every one represents another theme and character. A feature that unites all the posters is perfectly retouched faces and figures that look brilliant at the expense of greatly matched light, and nice Viking wearing. The posters from Vikings set are eye-catching and engaged – no doubt, designers have worked well enough to ensure a great audience attraction.

Any of these posters are great for Vikings` fans. High quality will allow you to print a poster in a high resolution while an attractive design won’t leave you indifferent for ages, so don’t miss your chance to print a worthy placard with a Nordic theme in case you are looking for Viking posters.

  1. Poster of `Northmen: A Viking Saga` (2014)

Another great Viking poster is for the movie `Northmen: A Viking Saga` directed by Claudio Fairies. While previous posters look innocent and simple, this placard stands out at the expense of depicted fire, and fight between two warriors. Work would likely belong to Viking warrior posters – the vivid scene of combat is truly impressive and causes intrigue. The characters are depicted with weapons, and their fighting spirit feels even through the screen.

A poster of Northmen will suit you, whether you are keen on the Vikings as the greatest warriors and protectors. A hot scene of a fight is a key feature on a placard. So, if you like to observe the war, and want to feel like a participant in a fight – this great Viking poster is for you.

  1. `Odin the All father` Art Poster by Talita Babireski

A fine artwork that represents Vikings` belief in deities will be a great part of any interior. A supreme god of Viking mythology, Odin is depicted as courageous and worthy. Great matched colors that are muted and not vivid supplement the poster, making a god easy-to-recognize with one eye, beard, and a crow on the shoulder. Talita Babireski interprets Odin in his best strict look, what is not a surprise since he is an all-father of the Nordic gods.

Go for this nice poster to decorate your space originally. Agree that not everyone will be willing to place a large picture of Odin on the wall – make sure you choose him to admire!

How to make a fine Viking poster?

If you are interested in creating Viking quotes posters or Viking motivational posters, then you have to choose a quotation that suits you the most. For instance, a nice variant is the words of Ragnar Sigurdsson: «Don’t waste your time looking back. You’re not going that way» – it sounds truly motivational. Besides, here is a quote that is more about Vikings` spirit: «In the darkest hour, when the demons come – call on me brother, and we will fight them together». The next step is deciding a background – would you rather add a photograph or painting of Vikings` warriors, or just placed a quote on a whole poster, and add some vintage effects to represent a spirit of the past. Once you have chosen a design, decide on a format, and covering of your placard – your printing service will treat about it. Well done!

Don’t pass by Viking ship posters, especially if you are a fan of shipping. You may choose mentioned poster called `Viking Travel` by Aleksander Karcz – be sure this majestic work won’t leave you indifferent since all the details are vivid and engaging. Furthermore, you can stop at any solution of ship posters because any of the Viking boats have an interesting structure that is not tired to examine. Such posters usually include an image of the sea, so be sure the blue colors will be a nice addition to your interior. Additionally, your printing service will ensure you the most felicitous suggestion for your perfect wall poster! Go for a Viking ship placard to keep their greatest spirit, and fortitude immortalized in your home, and create a unique work without any hassle.