Viking Photoshoot Ideas: Through Time And Legend

Viking Photoshoot Ideas

In the tapestry of thematic photography, Viking photoshoots attract people’s attention with their alluring mystique aura. The significance of this theme lies not just in its visual appeal but in its ability to transport us back to an era defined by epic sagas and rugged landscapes, capturing the essence of this fascinating civilization. 

Vikings, known for their boldness and spirit of adventure, have long captivated the imaginations of artists and historians alike. In photography, recreating the Viking world offers an opportunity to blend history with creativity. From warrior stances brimming with strength to tranquil scenes that whisper of Norse folklore, the imagery in these photoshoots is as diverse as it is captivating. Whether it is a fierce look in the eyes of a warrior or the serene beauty of Nordic fjords, each photo tells a story that transcends time.

This exploration of  Viking photos shoot ideas is not only about emulating the aesthetics but also about understanding and appreciating an impressive cultural heritage to enrich your photography journey and bring the spirit of legends back to life. 

Preparing for Your Viking Photoshoot


The core of how to look like a Viking depends on proper attire. Viking clothing was practical, made from materials like wool, linen, and leather. Men typically wore tunics and trousers, while women donned long dresses with aprons. Select earth-toned garments with simple patterns to reflect the minimalist style.

For authenticity, avoid modern fabrics like polyester and opt for natural materials. Fur accents on cloaks or boots can add a rugged touch. And even though accuracy matters, remember that it is an artistic representation, not a historical reconstruction. Feel free to experiment and disobey the rules. 

Hair and Accessories

Viking hairstyles varied, but they often featured braids, both in men and women. Women’s hair was typically long, sometimes styled in elaborate braids or updos. Men might have had longer hair and beards, which could also be braided. Research authentic Viking hairstyles to find one that suits your theme. 

Leather belts, metal arm rings, and necklaces with Thor’s hammer or other Norse symbols can enhance your Viking appearance. For warrior-themed shoots include replicas of Viking armor, helmets, swords, and shields.

Scene and Spirit

Look for landscapes with natural elements like rocks, woods, or water bodies. If outdoor locations are not accessible, create a set that mimics these environments. Use props like furs, wooden furniture, or boats to enhance the scene.

Learn more about the Vikings’ history and culture. Delve into their myths, arts, and daily routines to ensure the historical accuracy of your portrayal. Look at traditional Viking art, read sagas, or watch documentaries to understand their world.

Embodying the Viking spirit goes beyond appearance; it is about capturing the essence of Viking culture in their expressions and poses. Confidence, strength, and a touch of mystique should shine through in your photos to truly bring the Viking world to life.

Top 5 Viking Photoshoot Ideas

The Warrior in Solitude

Portray a lone Viking warrior, perhaps standing atop a cliff overlooking the sea, with the wind tousling their hair and cloak. This idea emphasizes the solitary strength and ireflective nature of a Viking. Focus on the expression and stance, conveying a sense of quiet power and resilience.

A Day in the Life of a Viking Village

Recreate a scene from everyday Viking life, such as a marketplace or a gathering around a fire. This shoot can involve multiple participants and should highlight traditional Viking activities like crafting, cooking, or storytelling. Details are pivotal: everyday objects, attire, and interactions that offer a glimpse into the Viking lifestyle. 

Viking Couple Photoshoot

Capture the bond between a Viking couple, showcasing their strength and unity. This could be a warrior pair, ready for battle or a more serene scene of the couple in their homestead. The interaction between the two characters should tell a story of partnership, love, and mutual respect that was central to Viking culture.

The Seafaring Explorer

Feature the Vikings’ renowned maritime prowess by focusing on a Viking in their longship, perhaps preparing for a voyage or returning from one. The backdrop of a ship and water adds a dynamic element to the shoot, highlighting the adventurous spirit of the Vikings.

Myth and Magic

Delve into the mystical side of Viking beliefs with a photoshoot centered around Norse mythology. This could involve portraying a figure like a Valkyrie, a seer, or a depiction of a Norse god or goddess. Use symbolic props, such as runes, amulets, or even a symbolic creature like a raven, to enrich the mythical ambiance.

Post-Processing Techniques

The perfect location is not always available. You also might want to add some elements to make your image more immersive. Using photo editing software to add background to an image can transport your subjects to a Nordic fjord or a rugged landscape befitting a Viking saga. When selecting backgrounds, consider how they complement your shots’ overall tone and color palette.

Adjusting shadows and highlights can add depth and dimension, especially in outdoor or action shots. Consider using lighting effects to mimic the soft glow of the morning sun or the harsh shadows cast by a campfire, enhancing the atmospheric feel of your Viking scene.

Viking-themed photos often benefit from a muted, earthy color palette that resonates with the era. Desaturate modern and bright colors slightly to give the image a more rustic and aged look. Experiment with cool tones to mimic the Nordic climate or warm, fiery hues to represent the heat of battle or a campfire.

Adding textures can be particularly effective in close-up shots of costumes and props, highlighting details like the weave of a fabric or the patina on a sword. Maintain a balance – overemphasizing texture can detract from the natural look of the photo.

Avoid over-editing. Subtle changes often have the most significant impact. The final image should feel like a window into the Viking world, not a heavily altered modern photograph.


The allure of the Viking photoshoots lies in their power to depict and evoke the essence of that age – an era marked by bravery, exploration, and a profound connection with the natural world. Whether through the solitary strength of a warrior, the shared bond of a Viking couple, or the mystical allure of Norse gods and myths, each concept invites us to delve deeper into the Viking soul.

As photographers and storytellers, our challenge is to go beyond mere representation, to infuse our images with the soul of the Viking age. It is about creating a portal that not only showcases the rugged beauty and raw power of the Vikings but also resonates with the timeless human stories that lie beneath.