What Are Standard Envelope Sizes?

Standard Envelope

Envelopes are used for a variety of purposes, from sending and receiving business correspondence to inviting friends and family to an event. Due to different uses, they are available in many styles and sizes. Here are some of the most common envelopes and their size range. More about envelopes printing services below!

Commercial envelopes

These envelopes are usually used for personal correspondence, for example, when a letter is sent to a friend. Commercial envelopes are also called business, standard, or official envelopes – they are open envelopes with closed sides, usually with commercial-style flaps and diagonal seams, although some sizes have side seams and a square/cat or sharp flaps. 

Windows has identical or double windows that allow you to display addresses through the face of the envelope. 

They are usually used for invoices or bills, salaries, and receipts. Commercial envelopes range in size from 14 cm wide (5.5 inches) and 7.78 cm high to 3.0625 inches to 11.2 inches (29.21 cm) wide and 5 inches (12 cm) high, envelope size “number 10 “, which is the most common, 9.5 inches by 4.125 inches wide (24.13 x 10.47 cm).

Announcement envelopes

Announcement envelopes are used to send invitations, such as to weddings or parties, and to inform friends and family about upcoming graduation. They are usually purchased with a card of the same color, which is often stamped or otherwise. Dimensions range from 5.75 inches in height to 4.375 inches (14.60 x 11.11 cm).

Catalog envelopes

Catalog envelopes are used to send large items, such as magazines or important documents that cannot be folded. Typically, open-end envelopes with purse clasps and center seams, envelope catalogs are used for magazines, reports, catalogs, and other heavy materials. Dimensions range from 6 inches wide and 9 inches high (15 x 22 cm) to 11.25 inches wide by 14 inches (28.57 x 35.56 cm).

Baronial envelopes

Baronial envelopes are used for formal invitations, greeting cards, and some stationery. It has an open side, an almost square shell with sharp valves and diagonal seams.

The inner/outer sets of envelopes come with a (slightly smaller) inner envelope pasted.

The following list shows the name/number, envelope size, and approximate body size for some of the most common sizes of this envelope style. The actual dimensions of the enclosures will depend on the thickness of the enclosure (paper thickness, number of pages).

Booklet envelopes

Open envelopes with a small square or purse flaps and side seams, booklet envelopes are ideal for general printing and mailing. Booklet envelopes are used not only for booklets but also for brochures, catalogs, annual reports, and other multi-page mailings. They work well with automatic inserts.

All measurements in inches: .125 = 1/8 | .25 = 1/4 | .375 = 3/8 | .5 = 1/2 | .625 = 5/8 | .875 = 7 / 8. These sizes of booklet envelopes apply specifically to the United States. Standard international envelope sizes vary.