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Dragon Bangle
Dragon Bangle

Dragon Bangle


At the time of the Viking age, both men and women wore Viking bracelets, rings, necklaces and pins. Some of the jewelry they wore was ornamented, indicating their wealth, power, strength, and status. Viking pins had a practical function. They were used to fasten clothes.

Viking jewelry was made from different materials: glass, wood, amber, bronze, and gold. It was often ornamented with plaited bands, animal heads, geometric designs, and gripping beasts. Vikings frequently cut their jewelry to pay for services or goods. Silver accessories not only served as decoration or currency. It also meant the status of the owner. All the Vikings, regardless of gender and age, wore jewelry. Wealthy people wore gold and silver, while the other worn jewelry made of tin or bronze.


Jewelry was an integral part in the life of the Viking nation. Braided bracelets, massive necklaces, rings etc –  all these products were created in a unique style and served not only as decoration, but also carried deep meaning.

The main elements of the Viking accessories were the images of animals, plants, leaves, curls and geometric shapes. Moreover, the Viking products also covered the images of myth heroes, ancient legends and various religious rituals.

As mentioned above, the primary goal of the Viking accessories was to be used as protective amulets. Later on, Viking accessory was worn as a unique piece of jewelry that could convey the particular inner world of its owner. Every nation has its traditions and cultural habits. They wore bracelets, that was an inspiring accessory not only for women but for men as well. Due to the Scandinavian tradition, the bracelet meant that the man became a warrior. It was a particular sign of courage, honour and power.

Features of the Viking Bracelets

By wearing the Viking bracelets, everyone will be able to add himself power, responsibility, fearless, and courage. In our Viking Style online store you can choose the most suitable Viking bracelet for sale: Viking raven bracelet, Viking prayer bracelet, Viking dragon bracelet, and more. Each Viking bracelet has the following characteristics:

  1. High quality.
  2. Long-term lifespan; can serve its owner for more than one year.
  3. Excellent design.
  4. Filled with deep, unique and special meaning.
  5. Works great for attracting good luck and prosperity.

Nordic design bracelets cannot be confused with any other. In addition to high quality and excellent design, each of the Viking bracelets we sell is made of a unique material, providing them with superior quality to serve its owner for ages. No matter what the product you will choose. Be sure, you will wear it for a long time. Get used to the fact that the Viking bracelets will always attract others’ attention, as they cannot leave anyone indifferent!

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