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Vikings melted various sorts of jewelry from their hoards. Viking jewelry was mostly made of silver, gold, and bronze.  Gold was the material that served only for the elite.

Vikings often used jewelry in dual purposes. Silver arm bracelets and bands were not only decorative items. They also served as currency to pay for services and products. If the Vikings needed to purchase something from the market, they used their accessories to pay for it: they pulled out a crucial piece of silver off their armband or a bracelet and exchanged it for the desired product. In some way, Vikings jewelry served as a wallet or a purse. At the Viking time, wearing jewelry on your person was a safe and reliable way to keep it secure.

Vikings Necklaces

Vikings necklaces were worn both by men and by women. They not only served as decoration but was also used as currency. Vikings necklace was made from different materials, including, precious stones, small metal charms and pieces, glass beads, animals’ bones amber, and even resin. Viking necklace was built around metal wire or a natural fiber in different sizes and lengths. They rarely included gems or inset stones, although there were separate pieces of jewelry made of these stones. Pearls, precious stones and crystals used only the upper class as the purest class of Vikings created their accessories with glass and amber.

Because Viking jewelry was not only used as decoration but as a currency too, we could say that Vikings wore their wealth.

What Is Special About Norse Jewelry?

Some Vikings jewelry also has a religious meaning. Such symbols as Valknuts, Yggdrasil (the Tree of Life) and Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) – were the most popular and appreciated accessories at the Viking age. These Norse pendants were not regularly worn. They were important religious symbols, which retained within families and not included among grave goods. However, Vikings were frequently buried with jewelry, because they considered it was necessary to live wealthy and comfortably in the afterlife.

Vikings necklaces were frequently accompanied with pendants made from precious stones, glass beads, amber, resin, and small metallic charms. They were not only souvenirs but also gifts and Nordic religious symbol that cover the meaning of its owner. It was believed that both genders worn neck-rings. This kind of Viking accessory displayed their wealth and status.

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